Friday, March 29, 2013

93 is a ways to go, but I'm optimistic;o)

Can I just tell you how awesome people are?  They're awesome.  Pretty darn awesome.  At least MY people are!  Who was the first person to sign up for my film screening?  The bff - of course!  I love you Boo!  Since then I'm up to 6 more additional awesome people, which makes 7 including myself.  And so we're at 93 reservations left to go before my screening can even take place.

93 people in 11 days 11 hours 56 mins...

but I'm optimistic.  because of awesome people.

My husband says "You can do it.  I think you can do anything.  I'll do my best to spread the word."  I have people on FB who I haven't seen in ages who spread the word.  Through those friends I "met" new FB people who are tied to other non-profit organizations who are spreading the word.

Even my Daddy called, wondering what in the world the FB invite was about & seemed, as always, pleased that his little girl was doing something she really wanted to do.

Thank you to EVERYONE who is sharing a link, posting a FB status, watching a video trailer, "liking" my event.  It is ALL appreciated:o)  <3

In other news today I set up two calendar events through & that are awaiting approval. 

I also got approved for a home screening of "Half The Sky," but that won't take place until May.  I'll wait it out til April 10th and see who responds to the "Girl Rising" film before sending out invites.

That's about it.  It's been a first busy day of Spring Break with house chores, but I'm feeling very accomplished and pleased!

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