Monday, April 8, 2013

Girl Rising is GOING BIG!

Spring Break was last week and, even though I didn't blog, I was a busy girl!  Actually, I was also sick most of the week, so in addition to all the checklists I was trying to finish I was also trying to manage chest congestion and exhasution.

I was super busy promoting the "Girl Rising" screening.  Social networking can be exhausting!  I was thankful to have 15 other people sign up, but I don't think we'll get another 84 people by April 10th.  I am not in the least disappointed.  To know that at least 15 other people (well, husband counts, too!) shared my interest in viewing such a film is enough for me.  AND I received very good news from the people who organize the film screenings.  Read below:

Dear Nancy,

We have some exciting news: Girl Rising is going big! A one-week theatrical release.
Due to the overwhelming demand Captains like you have generated, Regal Cinemas is rolling out Girl Rising for an exclusive, week-long run in 169 theatres nationwide from April 19 to 25.
Your support for Girl Rising lit the spark, and we have a tremendous opportunity to ensure many more people see this beautiful and important film - and understand the importance of girls’ education for all of us.
Now is the time to grow the grassroots movement even further. If there are people who can't make it to your screening, or friends in other towns, there is now an exciting window for lots of people to see the film.
Thank you for all your amazing support and making this happen.
Samantha Wright
Grassroots Campaign Director, Girl Rising

So...even if my screening doesn't take place I can still see it at any time during that whole week it will be playing.  For those in the Triangle area, the theater in Cary is the closest for us to visit.  I might try to re-vamp the Facebook event I set up in order to get a bunch of people to go together.  It's just nice that now anyone who was interested to begin with can now try to go without worrying about a minimum reservation requirement or lack of availability due to date/time setups. 

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