Friday, March 29, 2013

93 is a ways to go, but I'm optimistic;o)

Can I just tell you how awesome people are?  They're awesome.  Pretty darn awesome.  At least MY people are!  Who was the first person to sign up for my film screening?  The bff - of course!  I love you Boo!  Since then I'm up to 6 more additional awesome people, which makes 7 including myself.  And so we're at 93 reservations left to go before my screening can even take place.

93 people in 11 days 11 hours 56 mins...

but I'm optimistic.  because of awesome people.

My husband says "You can do it.  I think you can do anything.  I'll do my best to spread the word."  I have people on FB who I haven't seen in ages who spread the word.  Through those friends I "met" new FB people who are tied to other non-profit organizations who are spreading the word.

Even my Daddy called, wondering what in the world the FB invite was about & seemed, as always, pleased that his little girl was doing something she really wanted to do.

Thank you to EVERYONE who is sharing a link, posting a FB status, watching a video trailer, "liking" my event.  It is ALL appreciated:o)  <3

In other news today I set up two calendar events through & that are awaiting approval. 

I also got approved for a home screening of "Half The Sky," but that won't take place until May.  I'll wait it out til April 10th and see who responds to the "Girl Rising" film before sending out invites.

That's about it.  It's been a first busy day of Spring Break with house chores, but I'm feeling very accomplished and pleased!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I got a film screening!

Oh my goodness, I'm excited!  But I'm not trying to get TOO excited - because even though a screening for Girl Rising has been approved, IF I do not get 100 reservations in 12 days then it won't take place:o(  And I will be sad.

Here's the INFO:

About the film - Girl Rising
Reservations - Reservations
Film Clip/Up-to-date reservation activity - Screening Activity

@ North Hills in Raleigh, April 24th @ 7:30pm.  Tickets - $10.

Here's the promoting I've done so far:

Sent off an email to my principal to share with the entire staff at my school.
Sent off a FB status.
Contacted "Center for Student Leadership Ethics & Public Service @ NCSU" & CHASS department
Contacted INDY weekly to have the event added to their film calendar

What I still need to do:

Find more departments at NCSU to contact.
Continue to FB it
Print brochures to post around town...anyone want to help?  Got ideas where to post?  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Half the Sky....Info Overload!

Google is a great place for information.  And sometimes it's too much to process.  So I thought I'd jot down what I found so far...

Half the Sky, the book, also has its whole own movement website.  Found here.  Lots of info for anyone to check out.

I've already gone ahead and asked to set up an event in my home, since there are NONE w/in 100 miles of my location.  I just want to do an in-home screening of the movie on May 4 @ 6pm.  Wine & a documentary anyone?  I'm waiting to see if the event gets approved and added to their formal list.  Otherwise I'll just do it on my own.

If you're interested in hanging out one night and watching a truly inspiring film, please let me know.  I'll be happy to have you visit:o)

PBS also has a whole lesson plan/educator guide connected with the book/film.  That info is found here. There are 5 different lessons based on different topics presented in the book/film.  Each lesson has a short video clip from the film, lesson ideas, worksheets/handouts, etc.  I think some of these resources could be just as useful to help dicussion in a film screening among adults as it can be used to get students to critically think in the classroom.  (***NOTE - Teachers who might be reading this - the lessons are already standardized for COMMON CORE!  How awesome is that?!)

This Week's Progress...

I just requested a movie screening for a film called "Girl Rising."  I requested it for the end of April to be shown in Raleigh.  All the movie screenings are in CA.  I doubt they'll bring it to Raleigh, but how neat if my request goes through!  Here's a link to the info about the film Girl Rising

I also continue to read about Givology's organization.  I've reviewed some media articles about them, including one that said they were voted a best non-profit organization for donating to good causes.  I continue to review the different students and projects they are trying to raise money for to see what I'd like to contribute to in the future.

I'm also reading some blog posts from Givology and I came across this one - Maternal Health's Impact...  I'm very much interested in reading more about the care (or lack thereof) that pregnant women receive.

Being pregnant with my second I remember how much I loved my prenatal care with my first child.  And I am receiving excellent prenatal care with my second, as well.  I think in the US and other developed countries we take for granted that if we are having complications (or we are freaked out about the tiniest thing) that we can just pick up the phone and speak to a nurse.  Imagine how many calls they get a day about ridiculous worries....and then imagine not even having a phone or even a nurse to call!  Imagine having no prenatal care whatsoever....and here I was upset that I actually had to do a 3-hour gestational diabetes test when other women around the world don't have teh luxury of getting any tests to know if something is right/wrong with their baby. 

Here are some facts from the World Health Org (WHO) on maternal mortality.

It was the section on maternal mortality in Half the Sky that really inspired me to re-start R.I.C.H.  And it's not just because I'm pregnant now.  Even in college women's studies and the treatment of women regarding their pregnancies, access to birth control/family planning services, access to proper health education and the care of their young babies has always been an interest of mine.

In other news, googling the book has also led to the dicovery of more websites and such, so I'm off to explore to bring back more to share. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Take Two!

Realizing I Can Help...Again...

I think it's so easy to find inspiration.  Be it a book, a news cast, an article, a cheesy commercial, a documentary....anything can make you feel like "I want to do SOMETHING to help."  It's just the actual doing that rarely comes into play.

This is the second time I'm going to DO something.  To find my "bigger calling."  To be inspired and act on it.

The big question...HOW?  And to get there I have to look back and say, why did it not work before?  The first answer to that is TIME.  I work full-time.  I'm also a wife, mommy to a 3 year old and pregnant with the second to boot, a friend who rarely finds time to be a better friend, and once in awhile I'm a girl who wants to sit on a couch (though she rarely exists).  The second big problem was ACCOUNTABILITY.  If this project is my own, then what does it matter if it doesn't work?  What if, like last time, I just stop blogging.  Big whoop.

I find the solution to both these problems in this answer:  MAKE A PLAN & SET GOALS

I didn't have a plan before - I chased local outreach organizations and helped a bit here and there.  I read articles on national needs.  I raised a bit of money for this project and some groceries for this project and in my efforts to make the world a better place I just ended up feeling scattered.  I also wanted to do too much at once.  It takes a PLAN.

So, here's my plan this time around:

1 - Define my truest interests in helping others.  That which touches my heart the most is the needs of women and children, but specifically I think I want to target their needs with that of education.

2 - Target ONE group/organization that reaches out to my interest groups.  Right now I'm looing in Givology.  It's a very small volunteer-based organization started at the University of Pennsylvania.  It helps specific individuals/projects internationally with education-based progrmas - whether its uniforms or textbooks for a school, providing a salary for a teacher, or helping provide a small donation to keep a young person in school.  They provide simple ways to help individually on a short-term and long-term basis and there are opportunities to help more in group-based efforts in the future.

3 - SHORT term plan:
*Keep up with the blog.  At least ONE posting each week.
*Connect with Givology on social networks and repost their tweets/fb status at least TWICE per week.
*Respond/Reflect/Get Involved in Givlogy's networking so that I'm doing more than just READING, I'm also providing feedback

If I can keep this short-term plan consistent for 2 months, then I'll move on to step 4...

4 - SEMI-SHORT term plan:
* Start planning a fundraiser for a specific person/project that targets my interest.  Givology provides several options of people/projects they help, each with their own description.  The needs and amout of money vary, but are usually very small and attainable for an individual or small group.  I would need to determine a START/END date and stick with it.  I'm thinking a start by August could give me an end date for Christmas 2013.

IF (& that's a big BIG if) this goes well....then I've managed to stick to two plans and succeeded.  I'm making a difference.  And I might feel confident to do more.

5 - LONG term plan:
*These options include: taking an online internship through Givology, starting a local chapter, and/or getting my local school community involved in a bigger project.

What's awesome is, even if Step 4 is a success, but I don't feel ready to do a BIG project, then I can always repeat step 4 numerous times with several other small projects.

I have to hold myself accountable.  I won't move onto the next step unless I have succesfully completed the smaller steps before.  If I can't keep up with a weekly blog post or provide relevant feedback to an organization then my voice will not carry when I ask for help in a fundraiser.

And that's that...for now.