Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Helping Out My Girl!

So there's this chick I know...and she's so totally awesome!  Heidi is this great friend that lives less than 15 minutes away and I rarely get to see because our schedules NEVER intertwine!  We met what seems like ages ago when we were planning our weddings and I have to say that I just feel so blessed to have such a positive, strong woman who has such good influence on my life. 

Despite the own craziness that is taking place in her and her husband's life right now, she is still finding time to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte, NC.  A 39.3 mile walk!  (And I thought a half marathon was a lot!!!)  I'm so inspired by her because this is the second time she's taking on this challenge and I can't imagine how she's finding time to train, fundraise, and still take care of everything else around her. 

If you can help her reach her goal of $1800 it would be greatly appreciated!  Any small amount is a BIG help:o)  Here is the link to her site:

Heidi & Tolis - we LOVE you both & are just so happy to call you friends!  We will do whatever we can to help support you guys in ALL your efforts <3 (And once Miss Maggie decides to arrive, I might be joining you for a few walks to get myself prepped for the next half marathon!!!)

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