Thursday, August 1, 2013

I have ideas...

Strange ideas....generally related to book ideas.  Because one day I might write something great.  Not like that really presents itself on this blog, but greatness comes from practice;o)

Here are some random ideas:

1) A book titled something like, "Empowering Women:  An Effective Model for Big Cities."  If we know that empowering women creates stronger communities in developing countries, then why can't a similar model be used in large urban cities?  Time and time again I see that ONE organization in a developing country is making a difference, yet we have hundreds of organizations (churches, outreach groups, government aid, etc.) in big cities and we see very little change.  The book (or maybe large thesis) would revolve around researching 3-5 of the largest cities in America, meeting with focus groups of women who are suffering from low socio-economic status, meeting with all those organizations that are trying to improve the cities, and coming up with a plan or model that can be effective in making a difference.

2) A series of 3 illustrated 5x5 coffee table books of humor, titled: "Pregnancy", "Birth," & "Breastfeeding."  They would be humorous.  Written by my husband (mostly his ideas) and a few of mine.  On one page would be one his infamous phrases (ie: "Lunch-line!") and on the other side would be an illustration to match the phrase (ie: a cartoon of woman's breast area distorted to look like a cafeteria lunch line).  Other one-liners I can remember off the top of my head, "Titty-time" & "Dairy Queen."  Note:  My husband wholly supports breastfeeding & is very empowering of my ability to do so, so his comments are not meant to be insulting - if you take offense, then just ignore this paragraph:o) 

3) A proposal to improve national education by doing an honest and legit comparison to other countries.  The research would be done by teachers.  I've kind of started some work on the proposal plan, but it needs a lot to finish and probably a LOT of editing.

And the only way I see me ever having time to thoroughly complete any of these projects is when I won't have to work because I'll have an investor who believes in one of my crazy ideas & provides my income while I complete a project.  And when my project is complete I will be an awesome (but humble and modest)  success and I will have more ideas, more investors, & my own money to persue new, cool projects.

So, any crazy takers?  LOL!

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